Environment Design - Glaciers
Environment work for a multi-image long contract. The client has asked for a series of environments for an online DnD campaign to be displayed both as standalone images and as play backdrops with character art over the top.
FebHUEary - Daily Dragons Zine
Daily Dragons is a two-pronged project: Goal one was to create and publish a full 32 page book. Goal two was to launch FebHUEary, where I completed a painting every single day, encouraged other artists to do the same, and provided resources on zine publication throughout the month. If you'd like to see more details on this project, it's detailed under the Projects menu!
Game Design - NPC Tokens
Commissioned tokens from a client to be used both online and as real-life game pieces. These tokens represent the three most basic melee archetypes in DnD - the Fighter, the Rogue, and the Archer.
PawPrints: Trail
PawPrints is a personal project. I wanted to create a full length children's book using only black, white, and metallic ink on toned paper. Unlike Daily Dragons, I unfortunately cannot share more images as I am in some publishing negotiations.
PawPrints: Freeze
PawPrints is intended as a picture book only! It is designed to spark imagination and encourage children and their parents to create their own version of the story to go along with the images.
Painting: Cozy Houseboat
This painting was an experiment in getting away from my usual cel-shaded, heavily linework oriented digital style. I wanted to add as many elements as I could to the image and still have it read just as well as my more lineart heavy pieces.
Game Design: Pokeverse Assets
Pokeverse was a reddit/discord based game. These assets were the basis of our branding and were done in Illustrator to allow for reformatting between Reddit, Discord, and our own site.
Infographic: Pokeverse
Infographic and game assets for the Pokeverse League. This was our advertisement infographic. Due to the nature of where we were advertising, it made the most sense to create an image as opposed to struggling with formatting across wildly differing platforms.
The images in the infographic are the final game assets for our first year of operation.
Game Design: Badge Assets
Badges/Emoticons earned through gameplay as part of the PokeVerse League. These were done for PVLs second season as the game moved away from the pixel badges.
Painting: Bubbled
The environments in Steven Universe are absolutely stunning. This piece was done in homage to the show's beautiful backgrounds as well as a challenge to myself in rendering backgrounds using only line and relatively flat colors instead of fully rendering everything. This piece was the first of many, digital and traditional, that embraced a style based mostly in line and color.
Animal Nouveau Tarot: The Fool
The Animal Nouveau Tarot is an ongoing project to re-imagine the standard tarot card deck using animals instead of people. The style is loosely based on the work of Alphonse Mucha - graphic linework mixed with a more realistic rendering style.
Project: Cosplay Pokemon
Commissioned by a client to do a set of Pokemon cosplaying as Winnie the Pooh characters. This was such a fun project to work on, and Eeyore was the best of the bunch!
Product Design: Spyro
Designed for buttons, stickers, and acrylic keychains. It was definitely a challenge doing a design that would work equally well on three types of product.
Product Design - Holographic Stickers
The Dietary Dinosaurs were created for kids and teens to have a fun way to display their dietary needs! I originally created them so that I wouldn't have to remember individual dietary needs when I was chaperoning a large daycamp, and they were so successful they were the first product I offered in my web-store!
Product Design - Food Kittens
Delicious 'hand foods' exist in almost every culture on earth, and I created this keychain set as a way to celebrate that! Each kitty pictured is also based off of a real-life shelter kitty.
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