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Korok Plush!

Korok Plush!


THIS LISTING IS A PREORDER. They’ll ship out at the end of July!


YAHAHA! You've found us!! These lovable forest spirits are available in two delightful variants: Makar(short) and Heart(tall), each with their own unique leaf mask design. These plushies are hand-made from super soft minky fabric that will make you want to cuddle them all day long! The sublimation dyed exterior ensures vibrant colors that won't fade, while the embroidered face masks bring their charming expressions to life.


Measuring approximately 7" and 8.5" tall respectively, the short Makar and taller Heart Korok plushies are the perfect size to accompany you on your quest to find the princess. But that's not all! Give them a gentle shake, and they'll jingle softly, just like the real thing!


Don't go strapping these guys to rockets, though - they are a hand-made plushie intended for light cuddling and while I do everything I can to make them as durable as possible, I can't guarantee they'll hold up to intense play time.


Whether you're a die-hard Legend of Zelda fan or a passionate plush collector, these Korok plushies are a must-have addition to your collection. Secure your preorder now to ensure you don't miss out on these irresistible companions. Let the magic of the Koroks fill your world with joy and wonder as you embark on countless adventures together!

Ships Beginning of June!
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